Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to end this year with a special greeting to you. Ten Chimneys Foundation’s board, staff, volunteers, and supporters have been a mainstay as we continue to be a resource for American theater and preserve the legacy of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.

Since the founding of Ten Chimneys Foundation, we have remained relevant and significant. Our strategies have allowed us to touch the lives of countless people in various ways. It has been a pleasure to engage in dialogue and creative experiences that have expanded the way we think.

As we plan for the upcoming year, we are fortunate to be positioned to curate unique programming that captures the essence of the Lunts and Ten Chimneys’ mission and values. 2024 will allow for increased opportunities to preserve the estate and create essential programming that is reflective of the artistry that grounds us in our vision for the future.

Your financial contribution to Ten Chimneys is invaluable and will support the unique programming we have been able to deliver in the past. Quality opportunities to witness talented actors who represent American theater, along with the ability to influence and support their work, will continue to be critically important well into the future.

We are hoping our supporters and friends will remember Ten Chimneys in your end-of-year giving. Your contribution will ensure that our fantastic offerings will endure and thrive for the community, and continue to help preserve the beautiful Estate of the Lunts.

We look forward to seeing you in the very near future. Cheers to a phenomenal holiday season and upcoming year!


Randy Bryant

President & CEO

Ten Chimneys Foundation

(262) 968-4161 ext. 206

Annual Giving Opportunities

$50 - A “Grand Entrance in the Arrival Hall” Donor

$250 - A “Brunch with Helen Hayes on the Garden Terrace” Donor

$500 - A “Game of Hearts with Larry Olivier in the Library” Donor

$1,500 - A “Chat with Kate Hepburn in the Flirtation Room” Donor

$5,000 - A “Song with Noël Coward in the Drawing Room” Donor

$10,000+ - A “Dinner with Lynn and Alfred in the Dining Room” Donor

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Ten Chimneys Foundation Privacy Policy

Ten Chimneys recognizes all donors in annual recognition materials and/or displays. Donors have the option to give anonymously. If they choose to do so, their name(s) are replaced by the word “anonymous” in all donor recognition.  Ten Chimneys does not sell or exchange lists of donors, their contact information, and/or giving details.  If you have any questions, or would like to add, update, or restrict your personal information, please contact us.

What is Ten Chimneys?

Ten Chimneys, the estate lovingly created by theatre legends Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, is open to the public as a world-class house museum with a progressive mission to serve the arts.

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