Dear Friends,

The natural beauty created by the glaciers and rich vegetation which encircles this bucolic estate, serves as the backdrop for our well preserved, inspirational National Historic Landmark. Anyone who owns a home knows it takes constant care to preserve a great estate like Ten Chimneys. As we painted the exterior of the Cottage or repaired the stone pathways, Alfred and Lynn's country living inspired us at every turn, providing many inspiring warm opportunities for us and our guests to enjoy the estate as the Lunts did. The preservation and programming at Ten Chimneys is authentic and stands as a testament to the core values of not only the Lunts, but what many of us aspire and appreciate from the era of the past.

We welcomed guests for our third annual All Access Day. This event is held the first weekend of August when the estate is open to the public and guests have the opportunity to swim in the pool, picnic on the grounds, listen to live music and tour Ten Chimneys at their leisure. Our ticketed programs and the Design for Living Series featured Ruben Moreno, former Captain and Sommelier of The French Laundry (for many considered to be the best French restaurant outside of France and no question, one of the best restaurants in the United States) who led guests through a decadent food and wine pairing.

Ten Chimneys has garnered national recognition for the estate and all that it represents. In 2016, we welcomed Jason Alexander (George Costanza of Seinfeld) for our eight successful Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship Program. Mr. Alexander led actors through the "physicalization" of choice (the collaboration of mind and body in building a performance). This continues to be a premier program for theater actors. A Lunt-Fontanne Fellows distinction has enhanced casting opportunities for many actors.

While we are a year-round resource for theater; there are many additional outcomes we are proud of. The produce grown in Alfred's garden has been bountiful. It is with great pride that I deliver needed produce and fresh eggs to the House of Peace in Milwaukee and the Mukwonago Food Pantry for children and their families. Additionally, we are committed to growing future theater audiences. In 2016, we launched our inaugural High School Fellowship Program which provided unparalleled access and opportunity to youth and their families. As we are proud to continue the Design for Living Series, which captures the essence of how the Lunts lived their lives, with grace and civility, we are equally excited about the various cabaret and theater performances we offer.

I invite you to provide a financial gift to Ten Chimneys. This national treasure is in our backyard and has received high accolades from theater and preservation communities, as well as noted individuals throughout the country. For many Ten Chimneys still stands as ground zero for American Theater and is a testament for the quality, dedication and craft for theater professionals. I am excited about the successes of our Fellows and the programming slated for the upcoming year. Stay tuned because Ten Chimneys is definitely the place you will want to invest. Most importantly, we are dedicated to ensuring that your philanthropy yields positive results. 

I deeply thank you for your kind and timely consideration of a thoughtful financial gift toward Ten Chimneys future.


Randy Bryant
President & CEO
PH: (262) 968-4161 ext. 206

P.S.  Please contact me if you would like to know more about the work we do.  I enjoy talking about this extraordinary resource for theatre, the arts, and the art of living.

Annual Giving Opportunities

$50 - A “Grand Entrance in the Arrival Hall” Donor

$250 - A “Brunch with Helen Hayes on the Garden Terrace” Donor

$500 - A “Game of Hearts with Larry Olivier in the Library” Donor

$1,500 - A “Chat with Kate Hepburn in the Flirtation Room” Donor

$5,000 - A “Song with Noël Coward in the Drawing Room” Donor

$10,000+ - A “Dinner with Lynn and Alfred in the Dining Room” Donor

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What is Ten Chimneys?

Ten Chimneys, the estate lovingly created by theatre legends Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, is open to the public as a world-class house museum with a progressive mission to serve the arts.

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