Summer, 2015

Dear Friends,

Creativity, vision and focus - all were core values of the Lunts, and skill sets that have been directing me as I look to the future of Ten Chimneys. Our goal has always been to be nationally recognized as: the most memorable and inspirational historic house tour in the country; THE place for aspiring and practicing theatre professionals to gather; a source of inspiration for the "art of living"; and an accessible and active member of the arts communities. It has been an exceptional season, and we are staying true to our goals. Let me share just a few of the developments from this past year. We improved the Ten Chimneys tour experience by adding a viewing room in the Program Center where guests can see firsthand the Lunts and their famed acting techniques in The Guardsman, collection items are now on display in the lobby, and our agricultural programming continues to thrive and is a wonderful addition to the tour.

This year, our public and theatre resource programming shifted further encompassing the ensemble of a theatre. In addition to having prop managers, playwrights, and theatre staff retreat to Ten Chimneys to focus on work they found critical to their success, we welcomed award-winning directors for our Conversations at Ten Chimneys lecture series, both of whom enlightened the audience on the true state of theatre today. The Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship Program continues to gain national visibility and this year David Hyde Pierce proved to be not only a great Master Teacher, but someone who truly connected to Ten Chimneys and the core values of the Lunts. The environment of passion and enthusiasm he created for the Fellows was truly inspiring. More than ever, we're becoming an integral part of the American theatre landscape. As it was during Ten Chimneys heyday, theatre professionals today view a trip to Ten Chimneys as an important pilgrimage.

Ten Chimneys is a haven like no other; it is so much more than a great museum. I believe that. I'm proud of the accomplishments we've made this year, but we must continue to look toward the future. Ten Chimneys is not only a Wisconsin treasure; it is a national treasure. We are fortunate to have it within our community. While we make every effort to support the programming and preservation of Ten Chimneys internally, a significant portion of our fundraising comes from the community. I ask that you join me and others, in supporting the annual programs and preservation of Ten Chimneys. Please consider a gift to Ten Chimneys today.

Thank you for your early consideration in giving and for your ongoing patronage to Ten Chimneys. I thank you. The Lunts thank you. And, the Ten Chimneys family thanks you for your support.

With sincere gratitude and appreciation,

Randy Bryant

President and CEO, Ten Chimneys Foundation

(262) 968–4161 ext. 206

P.S.  Please contact me if you would like to know more about the work we do.  I enjoy talking about this extraordinary resource for theatre, the arts, and the art of living.

Annual Giving Opportunities

$50 - A “Grand Entrance in the Arrival Hall” Donor

$250 - A “Brunch with Helen Hayes on the Garden Terrace” Donor

$500 - A “Game of Hearts with Larry Olivier in the Library” Donor

$1,500 - A “Chat with Kate Hepburn in the Flirtation Room” Donor

$5,000 - A “Song with Noël Coward in the Drawing Room” Donor

$10,000+ - A “Dinner with Lynn and Alfred in the Dining Room” Donor

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Ten Chimneys, the estate lovingly created by theatre legends Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, is open to the public as a world-class house museum with a progressive mission to serve the arts.

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