2009-2016 Alumni

Ten Chimneys Foundation is proud to have these amazing mentor actors as Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship Alumni.

  • David Alan Anderson, Indiana Repertory Theatre (Indianapolis, IN), 2013 Class
  • Mark Anders, Arizona Theatre Company (Tucson, AZ), 2016 Class
  • René Augesen, American Conservatory Theater (San Francisco, CA), 2011 Class
  • Larry Bates, South Coast Repertory (Costa Mesa, CA), 2015 Class
  • Andrew Benator, Alliance Theatre (Atlanta, GA), 2016 Class
  • Stephen Berenson, Trinity Repertory Company (Providence, RI), 2010 Class
  • Christopher Bloch, Signature Theatre (Arlighton, VA), 2012 Class
  • Michael Booth, Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis, MN), 2014 Class
  • Suzanne Bouchard, Seattle Repertory Theatre (Seattle, WA), 2009 Class
  • David Breitbarth, Asolo Repertory Theatre (Sarasota, FL), 2013 Class
  • Robert Breuler, Steppenwolf Theatre Company (Chicago, IL), 2014 Class
  • Julie Briskman, Intiman Theatre (Seattle, WA), 2014 Class
  • E. Faye Butler, Arena Stage & Goodman Theatre (Washington, DC & Chicago, IL), 2012 Class
  • James Carpenter, California Shakespeare Theater (San Francisco, CA), 2010 Class
  • Donald Carrier, Cleveland Play House (Cleveland, OH), 2016 Class
  • Kandis Chappell, The Old Globe (San Diego, CA), 2013 Class
  • Celeste Ciulla, The Old Globe (San Diego, CA), 2010 Class
  • James Craven, Penumbra Theatre Company (Saint Paul, MN), 2011 Class
  • Bob Davis, Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis, MN), 2010 Class
  • Angel Desai, The Old Globe (San Diego, CA), 2014 Class
  • Colman Domingo, TheatreWorks (Palo Alto, CA), 2012 Class
  • Dan Donohue, Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, OR), 2009 Class
  • Nike Doukas, South Coast Repertory (Costa Mesa, CA), 2011 Class
  • George Dvorsky, Paper Mill Playhouse (Millburn, NJ), 2013 Class
  • Lee Ernst, Milwaukee Repertory Theater (Milwaukee, WI), 2009 Class
  • Chamblee Ferguson, Dallas Theater Center (Dallas, TX), 2011 Class
  • Mary Beth Fisher, Goodman Theatre (Chicago, IL), 2009 Class
  • Rick Foucheux, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company (Washington, DC), 2011 Class
  • Nick Gabriel, American Conservatory Theater (San Francisco, CA), 2012 Class
  • Jon Gentry, Arizona Theatre Company (Phoenix & Tucson, AZ), 2009 Class
  • Edward Gero, Goodman Theatre (Chicago, IL), 2015 Class
  • Allen Gilmore, Yale Repertory Theatre (New Haven, CT), 2015 Class
  • Robin Goodrin Nordli, Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, OR), 2013 Class
  • Laura Gordon, Milwaukee Repertory Theater (Milwaukee, WI), 2010 Class
  • Donald Griffin, Alliance Theatre (Atlanta, GA), 2009 Class
  • Francis Guinan, Steppenwolf Theatre Company (Chicago, IL), 2009 Class
  • Mark Harelik, South Coast Repertory (Costa Mesa, CA), 2011 Class
  • Dale Hodges, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park (Cincinnati, OH), 2014 Class
  • Angela Iannone, Milwaukee Repertory Theater (Milwaukee, WI), 2014 Class
  • Naomi Jacobson, Arena Stage (Washington, DC), 2009 Class
  • Chike Johnson, Milwaukee Repertory Theater (Milwaukee, WI), 2016 Class
  • Felicity Jones, Yale Repertory Theatre (New Haven, CT), 2014 Class
  • Phyllis Kay, Trinity Repertory Company (Providence, RI), 2015 Class
  • Gretchen Krich, Seattle Repertory Theatre (Seattle, WA), 2015 Class
  • Sharon Lawrence, The Pasadena Playhouse (Pasadena, CA), 2013 Class
  • Beth Leavel, Paper Mill Playhouse (Millburn, NJ), 2016 Class
  • Elizabeth Ledo, Chicago Shakespeare Theater (Chicago, IL), 2016 Class
  • Blake Lindsley, The Pasadena Playhouse (Pasadena, CA), 2014 Class
  • Sarah Litzsinger, Milwaukee Repertory Theater (Milwaukee, WI) 2012 Class
  • Sharon Lockwood, American Conservatory Theater (San Francisco, CA), 2016 Class
  • Andrew Long, Shakespeare Theatre Company (Washington, DC), 2010 Class
  • Constance Macy, Indiana Repertory Theatre (Indianapolis, IN), 2014 Class
  • Mary Martello, Arden Theatre Company (Philadelphia, PA), 2011 Class
  • Kathleen McCall, Denver Center Theatre Company (Denver, CO), 2013 Class
  • Forrest McClendon, Walnut Street Theatre (Philadelphia, PA), 2014 Class
  • Timothy McCuen Piggee, Arizona Theatre Company (Tucson, AZ) 2015 Class
  • Liz Mikel, Dallas Theater Center (Dallas, TX), 2015 Class
  • Susan Moniz, Chicago Shakespeare Theater (Chicago, IL), 2012 Class
  • Martin Moran, La Jolla Playhouse (La Jolla, CA), 2012 Class
  • Dee Nelson, Huntington Theatre Company (Boston, MA), 2013 Class
  • Mark Nelson, Cleveland Play House (Cleveland, OH), 2013 Class
  • Sally Nystuen Vahle, Dallas Theater Center (Dallas, TX), 2011 Class
  • Brad Oscar, Arena Stage (Washington, DC), 2012 Class
  • Steve Pickering, Goodman Theatre (Chicago, IL), 2016 Class
  • Andrew Philpot, PCPA Theaterfest (Santa Maria, CA), 2013 Class
  • Pete Pryor, The Wilma Theater (Philadelphia, PA), 2010 Class
  • Hollis Resnik, Goodman Theatre (Chicago, IL), 2012 Class
  • Vilma Silva, Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, OR), 2011 Class
  • Nathaniel Stampley, Milwaukee Repertory Theater (Milwaukee, WI), 2015 Class
  • Kim Staunton, Denver Center Theatre Company (Denver, CO), 2009 Class
  • Bobbie Steinbach, Huntington Theatre Company (Boston, MA), 2016 Class
  • David St. Louis, Center Theatre Group (Los Angeles, CA), 2012 Class
  • Ed Swidey, The Wilma Theater (Philadelphia, PA), 2015 Class
  • Sylvia M'Lafi Thompson, The Old Globe (San Diego, CA), 2016 Class
  • Holly Twyford, Arena Stage (Washington, DC), 2015 Class
  • Alan Wilder, Steppenwolf Theatre Company (Chicago, IL), 2011 Class
  • Jacqueline Williams, Goodman Theatre (Chicago, IL), 2010 Class
  • Jack Willis, American Conservatory Theater (San Francisco, CA), 2009 Class
  • Larry Yando, Chicago Shakespeare Theater (Chicago, IL), 2010 Class

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